Why Become a Safety Advocate?

Job Hazard Analysis

Having issues planning the work and identifying the hazards on the job? Don't know how to fill out a JHA? We have made it easy for you Safety Advocates. Have your salesperson or lead tech simply tell us whether hazards exist and we will tell you the exposure and how to mitigate those hazards by following OSHA 1910.

They identify in App and it shows up in your Dashboard.

It's still all only $59.00 a month unlimited everything!!

JHA Demo

Online Safety Training & Certification

Need Training Now? New Employees? Don't want to pay for employees who might be gone in a few months? We Hear You!

We have videoed our most popular trainings and allow you Unlimited Training in the Safety Advocate Program for Unlimited Employees.

Simply assign employees in the Advocate Dashboard and Employee takes training on his phone app.
  • OSHA 1910 for Mobile Contractors
  • Water Fed Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Roof Top Safety

Online Safety Training Demo

PPE/Daily Inspections

How are you handling documentation of daily inspections on Fall Protection, Ladders, Lifts, and Vehicles? Oh we know, you weren't! So we made it easy for YOU. Simply assign from the Dashboard to your employees app and when they complete, it documents for you!!!

Compliance Made Simple and Easy!

Should we raise the price? NAh! It's still all only $59.00 a month for the whole program!

PPE/Daily Inspections Demo

Safety Manuals

These are expensive!! Our Safety Advocates are able to create their own customized Safety Manual in their Dashboard.

Safety Manuals help employers set the culture of the company.

Yes it's included for $59.00 a month!

Safety Manual Creation Demo

Automate Weekly Safety Meetings

Tired of PDF's being sent to YOU? YOU having to figure out what to say and how to say it?
Don't YOU have enough to do?
We Thought So!!!

As a Safety Advocate you have access to Weekly Safety Meetings that have been videoed for you. That's right the last thing you need is another thing to do. Simply assign your employees the meeting and after they watch, it's recorded for you in the Dashboard.
Pretty Simple Right?

Weekly Safety Meetings Demo

Monthly or Yearly Membership

Become a Safety Advocate today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being compliant with OSHA Guidelines but more importantly promoting a safe work environment.

All these benefits and so much more for $59 a month (or $599 a year).

Stay Safe Out There!

7-day Free Trial

Safety Advocate Explained

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  • Unlimited Safety Trainings
  • Unlimited Job Hazard Analysis
  • Unlimited Videoed Safety Meetings
  • Unlimited Safety Data Sheets
  • Unlimited Daily Inspection Sheets
  • Unlimited Continuing Education
  • Unlimited Consultations
  • Access to Online Store
  • Free Safety Manuals
  • Written Weekly Safety Meetings
  • Spanish Weekly Safety Meetings
The dashboard will link to app. Employer can assign any employee tasks from computer to the employees app.

Allows you to train, test and certify your employees online.