In-Person Safety Training


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OSHA 1910 for Mobile Service Contractors

This class is designed with all everything in mind with the exception of High Rise and Aerial Lift Training. It will cover ladder safety centering around extension, stack, step and telescoping ladders with emphasis on proper set up, inspection, and use based on OSHA 1910.23. The class also covers Chemical Safety, Water Fed Pole Safety, Electrical Hazards, Noise Control, Personal Protective Equipment and First Aid. Specific emphasis is given to residential and commercial fall protection systems while accessing roofs utilizing OSHA 1910.30 as guideline for training requirements. This class will also teach those attending how to prepare a Job Hazard Analysis as well as how to sell Safety in their perspective marketplace. This class is both hands on and classroom.

Class Time: 4.5hrs

Rope Descent Systems

This class focuses on Rope Descent Systems as they defined by OSHA 1910 SubPart D. The training will focus heavily on OSHA 1910.30 which lays out the training requirements for such work as well as OSHA 1910.27. Equipment is discussed and trained extensively in both proper use, inspection and a log book program. Rescue programs are discussed and trained as well. This class is both hands on and classroom and participants are encouraged to bring along the gear that they have purchased or been issued.

Class Time: 8hrs


Building Maintenance Rope Access

This class is designed to train the user in Rope Access techniques to access building facades for window cleaning, caulking, water proofing etc. It teaches differences in RDS and Rope Access as well as OSHA 1910 General Industry Standards 1910.28, 1910.29 and 1910.140 and how they apply to this work. Equipment selection, inspection, donning and logs are also taught as well as building management and communication.

Level 1

Must complete classroom portion but must also demonstrate a variety of hands-on skills such as:
Rigging - Anchor Identification, Knots, Roof Rigs, Deviations, and Rope Protection,
Over Edge - Bosun Chair, Negotiation of Edge, and Tool Transfer,
Rope Work - 2 Line Management, Descent, Ascension, and Rope to Rope Transfer,
Rescue - Rope Grab Hang, Assisted Rescue, Pre-Rigging Anchor, Lowering Systems.

Level 2

In addition to all criteria of Level 1 a Level 2 must demonstrate competency in the Job Hazard Analysis and Written Work Plan process. They will demonstrate ability to identify anchors as well as proper loading of said anchors. Level 2 will demonstrate a Pick-Off Rescue of both a conscious and unconscious victim. Level 2 will also meet designated hour logs.

Class Time: 4 days

Water Fed Pole Safety

This class focuses on 5 main areas of Water Fed Safety- Fall Hazards, Electrical, Traffic, Slips and Falls and Ergonomics.

Class Time: 2hrs

Respirator Training Class

This class is designed for Pressure Washers and Window Cleaners who are required to use acids and bleach. It will provide the necessary training that OSHA 1910.134 require including fit testing, medical questionnaire, baseline testing, and hood testing. It is designed for the half mask and full face respirators.

Class Time: 2.5hrs

Aerial Lift

This class focuses on the proper operation and ground safety of both Scissor and Boom Lift Operations. The class focuses on OSHA 1926 Subpart L of Construction Standard. This is both classroom and hands on.

Class Time: 5hrs