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Learn About Expert Safety Services, safety in Solar, Window Cleaning, & Pressure Washing industries, led by Michael Draper’s 25+ years of expertise. We teach classes both in a general enrollment and private classroom setting, explaining and teaching safety from the perspective of OSHA 1910 General Industry Standard.

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Expert Safety Services: A Beacon of Safety Excellence

In the high-stakes world of workplace safety, visionary leaders are invaluable. These individuals go beyond conventional problem-solving, setting new standards and ensuring the well-being of every worker. Among these exceptional leaders stands Michael Draper, the driving force behind Expert Safety Services. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, Michael has not only solidified his position as a distinguished leader in Central IL but has also become a resolute advocate for safety in the Solar Industry, Window Cleaning Industry, and Pressure Washing Industry.

At Expert Safety Services, we firmly believe that experience is the cornerstone of safety. Our journey over the years has been marked by a series of learning experiences, each reinforcing the critical importance of safety in real-world scenarios. We have witnessed first-hand the evolution of businesses, observing how the expansion and inclusion of employees transform OSHA standards from mere guidelines to imperative legal requirements.

It is a concerning reality that safety is often sidelined in the pursuit of business objectives, placing both personnel and the enterprise itself in jeopardy. Our dedication to safety extends beyond the confines of the employee-employer relationship mandated by OSHA. We are driven by a deeper purpose: ensuring that every individual, whether a sole proprietor or a member of a larger team, returns home safely each day.

Gravity, a relentless and indiscriminate force, serves as a constant reminder of the respect and attention safety demands. Our extensive experience spans a variety of incidents – from ladder mishaps in window cleaning operations to the often-overlooked dangers inherent in shortcuts taken during pressure washing tasks. These experiences have solidified our understanding that safety is not a mere option, but an absolute necessity.

At Expert Safety Services, we are committed to being your steadfast partner in safety. Our goal is to safeguard your business and its people against any challenge that may arise, ensuring a secure, productive, and successful work environment. Safety is our priority, and we are here to ensure that it is woven into the fabric of your daily operations.

Mr. Safety

Meet the Founder

Michael Draper's Distinctive Philosophy

Michael Draper’s philosophy is rooted in an unwavering commitment to excellence and safety. For him, safety is more than a mere regulatory obligation; it’s the very essence of a thriving workplace. It’s about creating an environment where each employee actively contributes to a culture of safety, becoming guardians of their own well-being and protectors of their colleagues.

Michael is not merely a leader focused on achieving business victories; he embodies authenticity and is driven by a heartfelt commitment to the safety of all those under his guidance. His remarkable journey with the IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association) serves as a testament to his expertise and versatility. Michael has held positions as a board member and Rope Descent Specialist, showcasing his proficiency in various capacities. Yet, it’s his actions that truly define him. He has dedicated himself to training teams at a safety gear distributor, imparting essential knowledge and literally showing them the ropes. His authentic, elaborate, and compelling approach instills a sense of realism in all he does.

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Michael Draper's Expertise and Leadership

Michael Draper’s reputation extends far and wide. He is renowned as an eminent anchor inspector, a revered authority in the IWCA, and holds the esteemed position of Director of Education and Compliance at the Power Washers of North America (PWNA). With unparalleled knowledge of high-rise safety, he firmly believes that understanding the intricacies of safety practices is paramount; it is the lifeblood of an exceptional industry.

A Comprehensive Approach to Workplace Safety

At Expert Safety Services, our commitment extends beyond mere compliance to an encompassing approach towards workplace safety. This commitment begins with a meticulous Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) conducted prior to the initiation of any work. Our process involves a thorough assessment of potential risks, the identification of hazards, and the formulation of robust mitigation strategies to foster a secure environment for everyone involved.

Central to our methodology is the implementation of the Hierarchy of Controls, positioning JHA at its apex. While we recognize the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we advocate for its use as a final safeguard rather than a primary preventative measure. It is a common oversight in many organizations to rely primarily on PPE, neglecting more proactive and effective control measures.

Proactive Safety

Expert Safety Services champions the proactive identification and mitigation of hazards. Recognized jobsite dangers, such as electrical hazards, slip and fall incidents, adverse weather, lightning strikes, and the perils associated with working at elevated heights, demand vigilant management to avert potentially disastrous outcomes.

Plan, Provide, Train

Our safety ethos is encapsulated in a straightforward yet potent mantra: Plan, Provide, Train. This involves planning work with precision, supplying the requisite equipment for its safe execution, and delivering comprehensive training to employees on the proficient use of this equipment.

Adherence to OSHA Safety Standards

While adherence to OSHA guidelines is a foundational aspect of our approach, we emphasize that hazard mitigation is a proactive endeavor. The immutable laws of physics, such as gravity, do not discriminate - underscoring the universality of risks. Thus, safety transcends mere regulatory compliance; it is an active choice in safeguarding our workforce.

Collaborative Enhancement of Tool Safety

Our role at Expert Safety Services transcends mere education and certification. We engage in active collaboration with tool manufacturers to augment the safety features of equipment used by contractors. We are driven by the conviction that every tool should inherently prioritize user safety, and we are committed to realizing this vision through continuous improvement and innovation.

The Safety Advocate Mobile App: A Revolutionary Breakthrough

Under Michael’s exceptional leadership, Expert Safety Services has introduced the Safety Advocate Mobile app. This groundbreaking innovation leverages cutting-edge technology to bolster the industry’s safety culture. The app is not just another tool; it’s a game-changer. It offers live updates, personalized content, and immediate hazard reporting—an embodiment of Michael’s visionary aspirations.

Imagine a world where the safety poster in the lunchroom comes alive, transforming into engaging, interactive lessons. Envision a reality where a worker perched on a scaffold possesses equal and immediate expertise as an individual situated firmly on the ground. The Safety Advocate Mobile app is making this vision a reality.

Embracing a Future of Safety with Expert Safety Services

Our collective effort is key to ensuring that every operation, from solar panel maintenance to window cleaning, is executed with the highest level of safety, thereby protecting the well-being of every worker. Our mission goes beyond addressing the immediate; it is a commitment to molding a future where safety is as integral and indispensable as the very essence of life. It is with this steadfast commitment that we aim to safeguard the security of workers in various sectors, assuring that they return to their loved ones safe and sound after every job.

“Safety Training, revolutionized by our Safety Advocate Mobile app, is more than a regulatory obligation; it’s the backbone of a thriving workplace. This innovative platform transforms safety training, making it accessible, engaging, and effective – a true investment in the soul of your company. With real-time updates and interactive tools, we’re creating a living, breathing safety ecosystem that empowers every employee to be a Safety Advocate.”
Michael Draper
Expert Safety Services

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